24 December 2009

You will realize....!!

In time you will realize
You should have realized
quite a long time ago..!!

At times you might have thought
Issues are everything around you
You woke up on the issues' side of the bed that day

In time you will realize
You should have seen
from the other side of the mirror

You should have stepped aside
where you are standing
where you were seeing
seen the spot where you were standing before
and, that then

You could have realized
quite a long time ago

issues are part of everybody's life
you couldn't have cared any less
what the rest of the world was facing

The world has its own issues and
has no reason to look after you
You should have blamed yourself for all
happened around you
if you were not supposed to be blamed
You had no reason to worry about that
you did and that was nothing just madness

In time you will realize
You should have lived the moment
its never too late
and when you realize

You will know what this means..

23 November 2009

My Love....

Hey angel..

Its been years now but,

It still seems like yesterday..!

Of all I have,

You're the most of my life.

Strange things I have done..

Called you middle of the night;

Just to hear your cute voice sound seducing..

Stole your favorite pen,

Still I write your name with it..

Only your name..

I'm livin with your picture.

Not in my wallet; in my shirt pocket.

The way you tousle my hair..

The way you punch on my chest...

Nothing feels nice than those.

If this isn't love..!

then what is!?

This is my life,

now and with you

I live it, and

I love it..

Love you.. :)

18 November 2009

You're mine...

You know

Everything I see, I see you

And it looks so cute

makes me think of you

And everytime I think of you, I smile

and I'm smiling like 24/7! :)

You're driving me mad

its like riding  through light

its so fast and I can't see how I'm moving..

I'm fallin through the clouds and

I don't know where I'm going

but I like it

madness, love or whatever..

this moment you're my girl

and I like the way it sounds

this is life here and now

I'm living every second of it..

10 November 2009

Its in the darkness..!

Realized... :)

Its in the darkness,

I realized, that the light

Is always with me!

Its what my faith taught me,

Its what my life showed me,

its what the science proved to me.

Its in the darkness;

12 past 50 in the morning,

I realized now,

That I have the light in hand.

I just failed to see it at times!

At times;

I used to worry, and

I used to plan my actions

When in case I go blindfolded in the dark.

But I forgot to think that,

I would always have the light in hand.

And I just have to show it to my eyes!

Now I see it;

I'm not ashamed of the ignorance I had,

I'm rather proud of how I dealt with my past.

And I am absolutely sure now

That I would do

Everything I've ever wanted.

I am me, and I've got everything in me

So does everybody.

Thats how the system is,

Thats how the system works.

And we're the system;

I am the system.

And this is how I'm goin to be..

And I'm happy about it :)

13 October 2009

I wish....

Another part unfold...

One moment I see the light,
Its the end of the tunnel.
The next I see, its gone..

I keep asking these questions to me,
which even to me seems so senseless.
I guess the day I get answers; The day I would pass away

This side of me; the pessimistic side of me,
pops up when untold things unfold.
Pushes me down into that bottomless abyss again.

When things happen to me, I'm not shaken.
When something reaches the people around me,
Life gets sick when I do nothing about it.

Fighting and surviving, all sounds good,
Until you have to fight for someone to survive.
Its not hard, its painful.

Every move I make is so heavy,
I can't give up; its not my fight.
And I don't know how to deal this.

When others' fate play with you, Life stinks.
And thats when
I wish I were never born

I don't like to be here as me.
So weak and So naive.
I wish I were mad.

If this is how things are goin to be,
I don't expect to see the future.
I wish I didn't exist.

Let the future expect me,
to play with my nerves.
I wish I won't feel it.

But the present I'm in,
pulls me in so hard.
I wish I'm more strong.

I wish things won't go wrong.
I wish I deal these carefully.
I wish I become the old me again.

I wish I work and not just wish...

08 July 2009

walk with time...

I realized....

Walking in the woods; its a foggy day.

Teetering and Tottering, I walk along.

As these branches dripping dews.

With my face wet, my thoughts wet.

My vision gloomy; my mind so gloomy.

Walking alone, with none on mind.

As I wipe my face, I wipe my thoughts.

I realized then that there,

I walk, I move not to pass time.

I walk to keep up with time.

I move so to move along with time.

I walk and I move not to pass time

I walk, I move,

to let time not to pass away from me.

I walk along in the woods not alone

I walk along with time.

12 June 2009

Have you ever been there...?

No one but only you...

With all your pain gone...

And no one near..

Standing all alone...

With nothing to think of.

With nothing to worry about.

When you stand in that place

That place you would never reveal...

That place you would never take anybody to.

No matter how close they are.

That place where you live with your dreams;

With peace,

With your soul.

That place which calms you down without any effort.

Which makes you feel that happiness for no reason.

That place when you fantasize;

Which you never want to leave.

That same place ,

Which doesn't exist physically...

That very place,

Which makes you blab like this.

Have you been to that place?

That heaven of a haven

Have you been there?

03 June 2009

I'm just nobody...

Since the day....

Nothing has changed !

Since the day you broke up,

Nothing has changed.

I talk, I walk

I eat, I work

Its all the same

Nothing has changed.

Since the day you took your love back,

Nothing has changed.

I see you in my dreams,

I wonder what you're doing,

Its all the same,


Nothing has changed.

I just lost my identity,

Since the day I lost you

I'm just nobody.


Nothing has changed.

I was searching for me in you then,


I'm searching for me myself everywhere .

I still hope


I'll get what I'm searching,

as you always wanted me to.

I just hope

I'll find myself at last,

at least in the grave.


Nothing has changed

since the day everything turned upside down....


Nothing has changed .

Its all like that day

I knew

life will never be the same...


I thought


Something might happen

to pull me back to the ground.


Nothing happened

I still hope

Something would change,



I'll wait for it to happen

as you always wanted me to...

I'll wait ....

Until I get you back..

I'll wait for it.

Counting all the seconds of the nights....

Watching all the doors of my life....

Keeping all of these on my mind...

I'll wait for it

Until then

Nothing will change.

01 June 2009


its just painful to say...

I knew


I'm not the right one for you.

I knew


I don't deserve you.


I also knew


I would do whatever you want me to,


I would never question you,


I would change anything you want me to.

but now

You want to breakup .

You want me to walk away and never come back.

You want me to never see you again.

I know this moment


I would not ask you for a reason.

I know this moment,

I would do as you told me to.

Like all the time,

I would not blame you for anything.


I also know,

I would spend the rest of my life thinking...

Thinking what went wrong,

Thinking what did I do,

Thinking what could I have done,

Thinking why did not I ask you why?.

Regretting the respect I had on you.

Until the last moment of my last day.


I also know


no matter what happens,

I would never hate you,

I will Love you forever,

I will never say these straight to your face.


I will never come back.

what will become history in your life

will be the mystery of my life


I will work on to find the answer forever

even though

I know


I would never get one.


for now

hope you understand

hope you understand.

When I say Goodbye

I mean all of these.

you want me to say Goodbye to you

I will.


I hope you understand


that's the last thing I would want to do.


I mean so much when I say that.


its the worst ever torture I could ever endure.


I will regret it even when in my grave.

Hope you understand

just hope...



27 May 2009

And when you're fallin...


 At times
For no reason
When you feel so down
When you feel so lonely
When you feel so out of place

When you feel so depressed
When you're falling down into that bottomless abyss
Everything you see will be blurred
You'd feel
Like watching the world from the other side of the mirror

When you're falling into that deep abyss
Don't think that you've nothing to hold on to

When you're falling
Just Look around
You may never know what's around you
Until you look around
There is nothing
Without a solution
Search, wait for it
Don't panic if you see nothing

After all its bottom less
You're not going to hit the ground
Search, until you see it
Hold on tight, as soon as you see it
You may never know when you's see another one.
You'll find your way back up
When you do

You'll know what I mean

... :)

25 May 2009

The road...


Its so dark as night

walking in the woods

with this breeze hitting my face

i'm numb but I walk

Seeking something unknown

Leaking out the remaining sorrows

So weak, so vulnerable is the soul

lonely life started this lonely search

with nothing to hold on to

on my own

where does this path lead to

Searching not the destination

Searching the Path itself

Seeking not the answer

Seeking the puzzle itself

where does this lead to

what am I really up to

these lonely days

do not know when will end

not curious to know the end

I walk on and on and on...

The only personal thing....


Life with nothing
Life had nothing
When I stood alone
With everything lost
Life was nothing

I kept on breathing
As if
That was the only thin
Only thing I was capable of
I don't know why
Why I wanted to love you
When I had nothing else to love
Why I wanted to care you so much
When I had nothing to care about
Why I wanted you to be mine
When I had nothing else in my possession...

It was all a mystery
When you came
It was like redemption
You gave me not only love
You gave me not only care
But all those things
Which I had forgotten long ago
You found my dignity back
You found my respect back
You taught me decorum
You made me the real me..

After all these days
There is something
Something I haven't told you before
Something I've always wanted to say
You know
In my life
In my new life
Where everything is you
Where the only thing I care about is you
Where anything will be done for is you
You are the only one I have
You're the only one which is personal to me
You're my only personal thing...

And I not only love you
I not only care you so much
But I do respect you
I respect you so much
And I Thank you
For all you have done to me
For everything you have given me...
For what you made me into

Thank you so much my love
I love you
And I'll never ever lose you
Not even for the whole world
You're my only personal belonging
You're the only motivation for my life
You're the only reason for me to breath
I love you
and I will love you
Until the word love survives in this world...

19 April 2009


On the way to the destiny

Hurdles as we crossed on

Burdens as we moved on

If thats what endurance is

Life has nothing to test on us!!

'Cross the nation

We planned an expedition

History has been made

In memories would never fade

Perhaps would never see the light

So much we had to fight

Just to stand at that height

31 March 2009

Life isn't like that

All those days, 
I still remember,
the road isn't so fine.
Rash riding on it,
caring about nothing.
But it wasn't all that pleasant, 
hurdles as many as uncountable,
problems as many as unimaginable.
Those empty days,
with nothing on the mind.
Just passing the time.
as if waiting to pass away.
But however it was,
never complaining.
Had nobody to blame,
admit it yeah.
I always did and I still do,
the way I rode, 
wasn't appreciable. 
Never listening never thinking,
It was so moronic.
I knew then,
I know it now.
But nothing  changed in here.
I thought after some point of time,
life would never be the same.
As if expecting for some unexpected to happen,
but it never happened,
life is always the same.
It always was and it always will be.
Ever since the evolution
we did mistakes.
We learned to think,
but we failed to think when needed.
We learned to love,
but failed to do when needed.
We search beyond our power
just to know whether there is really a power.
The truth of life 
just think,
when we were born, 
we only knew two things 
we knew how to cry,
we knew how to breath.
And when we're gone
we lose them as well.
Whatever happens
the only thing we'd remember till the end
will be the end.
We'd never stop thinking
until we stop breathing and crying.
So it goes,
So it will,
on and on...
as always,
life will never change
trust me
not now
and it never will....

25 January 2009

Too hard to play too many roles...

They never name you

All they do is blame you

whenever something goes wrong 

it'd you who gets a ban

never recognized.... they'd never consider you...

even though you get sc....d

you'd never blame em.. never...

But its too hard to play too many roles......

They always need you

but they wouldn't feed you....

you'd even die to make them smile...

but they don't care you awhile...

you couldn't be everywhere...

but they always need you very near

But its too hard to to play too many roles......

You don't wanna hurt em

but they want nobody to beat them

when you're not there to treat them

they'd be really hurt

they'd think you made them thwart..

forgetting the fact

that you ain't no peasant 

its that only you're pleasant....

when you're with them

you'd even forget your name..

thinking that you're fame..

not knowing that the situation is sham...

Brother sister friend master...

the list may go a little longer.....

even just as a stranger...

playing a role is indeed harder...

Too hard  just too hard playin a role is too hard...

It's too hard to play too much of roles....

they need you to Care them

                        To Fear them

                              Respect them

                              Adjust them

                               Suggest them

Not that they're taking dvantage of you.
There maybe things regretful a few.
But the blame is suppose to be on you.
For not letting them to see the real you.
But you're acting no bad.
You're no nomad
It's a whole new world.
Can't fight with an old sword.
You got to be tough.
Or you won't make it.
Responsibilities are for everyone.
You're not the only one.
Unlike the only sun.
You're on the run. 


It's too hard to play too much of roles....

Keep it moving...

Playing wrong wouldn't stop the earth moving..


Just keep it going and just goin....

Because its too hard to play too many roles.......................!!!

you hear them??

Though its not the right way to start up, I couldn't help it... This might seem like the weirdest thing you've ever seen or heard.

Maybe you've imagined it the way I did... its not going to make any big difference.
But whatever the words are; they sound the real you. You might be a completely introverted person or someone who never gives a crap about things happening around you.
But trust me the words that you're using is the only thing which is going to reveal the real you even to yourself. You don't have to speak up. Try to listen inside while you're reading this maybe while just looking at this. Can you hear them words like "Another crap" or "what the hell in this world does this suppose to mean?" or "c'mon this doesn't even make any sense" depends upon the real you.

Now you see what I mean? we won't be able to think if we don't use words to do so. At this point you might wonder how did those people in the ancient days used to think to invent words! but let that be their problem I'm not that smart to dig that deeply. See this could be real me or I'm just pretending like thats the way I am. You don't care about it anyway right!?

Alright here we go.. words are almost everything that drives everything. You speak or you yell, you sing, you write or you read, or just take a look at it my friend its words correct? Its words in life.

So lets listen to words as we always use to... okay ??

(P.S : This is a real post script as I just edited and added this after a long time after the first post :) . You know if you read, what you're about to read is not intended to be written as poems. So when you find none of those resemble poems or lyrics even so slightly, plz ignore it. Don't spend your precious time on criticizing. I'm not a poet, I'm not a writer. BUT everything written in there are based on the events happened in my life..

Whats in there is a part of me. A part I haven't showed to anybody. The part which still is not revealed completely... Whats in there are just mad words. No grammar, No order. But they sure aren't meaningless... )