27 May 2009

And when you're fallin...


 At times
For no reason
When you feel so down
When you feel so lonely
When you feel so out of place

When you feel so depressed
When you're falling down into that bottomless abyss
Everything you see will be blurred
You'd feel
Like watching the world from the other side of the mirror

When you're falling into that deep abyss
Don't think that you've nothing to hold on to

When you're falling
Just Look around
You may never know what's around you
Until you look around
There is nothing
Without a solution
Search, wait for it
Don't panic if you see nothing

After all its bottom less
You're not going to hit the ground
Search, until you see it
Hold on tight, as soon as you see it
You may never know when you's see another one.
You'll find your way back up
When you do

You'll know what I mean

... :)

25 May 2009

The road...


Its so dark as night

walking in the woods

with this breeze hitting my face

i'm numb but I walk

Seeking something unknown

Leaking out the remaining sorrows

So weak, so vulnerable is the soul

lonely life started this lonely search

with nothing to hold on to

on my own

where does this path lead to

Searching not the destination

Searching the Path itself

Seeking not the answer

Seeking the puzzle itself

where does this lead to

what am I really up to

these lonely days

do not know when will end

not curious to know the end

I walk on and on and on...

The only personal thing....


Life with nothing
Life had nothing
When I stood alone
With everything lost
Life was nothing

I kept on breathing
As if
That was the only thin
Only thing I was capable of
I don't know why
Why I wanted to love you
When I had nothing else to love
Why I wanted to care you so much
When I had nothing to care about
Why I wanted you to be mine
When I had nothing else in my possession...

It was all a mystery
When you came
It was like redemption
You gave me not only love
You gave me not only care
But all those things
Which I had forgotten long ago
You found my dignity back
You found my respect back
You taught me decorum
You made me the real me..

After all these days
There is something
Something I haven't told you before
Something I've always wanted to say
You know
In my life
In my new life
Where everything is you
Where the only thing I care about is you
Where anything will be done for is you
You are the only one I have
You're the only one which is personal to me
You're my only personal thing...

And I not only love you
I not only care you so much
But I do respect you
I respect you so much
And I Thank you
For all you have done to me
For everything you have given me...
For what you made me into

Thank you so much my love
I love you
And I'll never ever lose you
Not even for the whole world
You're my only personal belonging
You're the only motivation for my life
You're the only reason for me to breath
I love you
and I will love you
Until the word love survives in this world...