10 November 2009

Its in the darkness..!

Realized... :)

Its in the darkness,

I realized, that the light

Is always with me!

Its what my faith taught me,

Its what my life showed me,

its what the science proved to me.

Its in the darkness;

12 past 50 in the morning,

I realized now,

That I have the light in hand.

I just failed to see it at times!

At times;

I used to worry, and

I used to plan my actions

When in case I go blindfolded in the dark.

But I forgot to think that,

I would always have the light in hand.

And I just have to show it to my eyes!

Now I see it;

I'm not ashamed of the ignorance I had,

I'm rather proud of how I dealt with my past.

And I am absolutely sure now

That I would do

Everything I've ever wanted.

I am me, and I've got everything in me

So does everybody.

Thats how the system is,

Thats how the system works.

And we're the system;

I am the system.

And this is how I'm goin to be..

And I'm happy about it :)

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