08 July 2013

Single Stuff I

If you don't stumble enough, you won't learn how to break a fall.

Not Taking Life Seriously

Incidents that were incomplete in memory,
ideas that never made to papers,
ideals that only existed in words...
I am the perfect example of imperfection.

Good times, bad times; some never recorded, some never reminded.
Gone were the winds, so were the thoughts...
Guts be it, insanity be it.
Glad those mistakes made their way into life.

Second after second, day after day, year after year,
I do, and I do the same.
Every single day that I wake up to,
I realize it's yet another day
and I'm still alive...

Another day that I'm thankful for...
For not taking life too seriously.
Seriously, life is too simple a thing to boggle about.
Life, the short little interval -
turns a lie without fun!

02 July 2013

A pinch of hope is all it takes.

A pinch of hope is what is takes to keep going...

You see those homeless kids?
They might never have had three meals a day!
You see them when they play?
In the dirt, under the sun and while it rains?
You know what holds them strong?
Watch their eyes smile when they're happy...

Happy they are, they are in the moment
and happy they are, they have hope in their hearts...

Things would turn up alright for them
that's the hope... Amen to that.

They may face grave perils on their way, God forbid.
But their hope will keep them going...

You know what I hope?
I hope the faith in life never fades.

That tiny little belief that light their lives,
may that stay on forever...