15 August 2011


Time and again,
I go through this.
I'm sorry I couldn't ask you how things are.
I couldn't ask what's bothering you.
I couldn't tell you to calm down.
Or just tell you it'll all be alright.
I'm sorry I messed things between us.
I messed so bad; it's far beyond repair now.
I know we can't walk back.
So I've been tryin to remove the past.
But, end of the day,
it all ends up at exactly where I'd begun.
I just couldn't stop caring.
I'm sorry again, for not having the guts
to tell you I'm sorry in person.
I'm sorry again, for having the weirdest dignity.
I'm afraid I will be sorry,
if I don't say goodbye when I leave.
So here I say once again...