24 January 2011

One of those times...

I go away,

and I decide not to look back ever.

I hideout,

but I keep stalking you.

I'm lost,

and I try not to look for.

For I know,

where I would find me.

And I don't want you to know;

that I'm in you.

There's a million things I wanna tell you,

and there's a million ways to do that.

But I don't wanna tell you that,

sometimes, you make me really crazy;

and this is one of those times...

There's a million girls out there,

and there's a million ways to get them.

But you're the only girl;

I never tried to impress

For I know, I can never lie to you!

It's all the same since the day we met.

And I just don't remember anything before that.

Nothing has changed until now, but,

sometimes you really make me crazy,

and, this, is one of those times.

You've got a weird taste,

and a powerful mind.

You chose the downtown thug,

and you made him blabber all of this..

Girl this is one of those vain attempts,

to really stay away from you.

Because you really make me crazy

and this is one of those times...