13 February 2012

An Offer I Could Never Deny!

Give me a price I could never deny

One day with no worries,
One day without memories,
One day with no sleepless night,
One day without day dreams

Just one day with no one around,
Only one day with a little peace,
One day with my mind at ease,
Just one day with no lying around..

Give me one day to enjoy my breath,
A single day to smile at the sun,
One day to play with the wind,
A day to feel my heartbeat.

That day to see clear things,
Day to forget my days,
This day with no broken smiles,
A day to cry with no dry eyes!

Give me that day I'll trade my life.
For that day I'll kill all life.
For the day of broken music,
Today I would do all sins.

This wish is so toxic,
but I would take it.
Just show me the way
I'll let all hell break loose.

That day is the price
I'll sellout, just show me where to sign.
Just one day, for one day,
I'm ready to lose it all

A day without debts, without questions,
without phony smiles, fears & sadness,
With no anger and hunger, with no thought of another day...
I would lose it all for that day.

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