29 April 2015

You belong there

Ever been on a beach? Watching the waves crash?
One after another.

You see the next one forming up...
and you think every wave tries to get you.

Sometimes you like it, sometimes not
But you keep looking at them - you can't stop...

These waves, they're wondrous!
Forget the science, think of the thrill, the menacing roar!
Yet, they calm you down...
You feel you belong there - with them.

Eerie silence and darkness creeping around,
but the horizon reminds you that the world is out there.

It's open and you're a free spirit - you're not trapped.

Next time you see the world shrinking around you,
look at the sky - there's nothing locking you in
and the sea's out there, under the sky, not too far from you!


Find yourself at home one more time.