23 November 2009

My Love....

Hey angel..

Its been years now but,

It still seems like yesterday..!

Of all I have,

You're the most of my life.

Strange things I have done..

Called you middle of the night;

Just to hear your cute voice sound seducing..

Stole your favorite pen,

Still I write your name with it..

Only your name..

I'm livin with your picture.

Not in my wallet; in my shirt pocket.

The way you tousle my hair..

The way you punch on my chest...

Nothing feels nice than those.

If this isn't love..!

then what is!?

This is my life,

now and with you

I live it, and

I love it..

Love you.. :)

18 November 2009

You're mine...

You know

Everything I see, I see you

And it looks so cute

makes me think of you

And everytime I think of you, I smile

and I'm smiling like 24/7! :)

You're driving me mad

its like riding  through light

its so fast and I can't see how I'm moving..

I'm fallin through the clouds and

I don't know where I'm going

but I like it

madness, love or whatever..

this moment you're my girl

and I like the way it sounds

this is life here and now

I'm living every second of it..

10 November 2009

Its in the darkness..!

Realized... :)

Its in the darkness,

I realized, that the light

Is always with me!

Its what my faith taught me,

Its what my life showed me,

its what the science proved to me.

Its in the darkness;

12 past 50 in the morning,

I realized now,

That I have the light in hand.

I just failed to see it at times!

At times;

I used to worry, and

I used to plan my actions

When in case I go blindfolded in the dark.

But I forgot to think that,

I would always have the light in hand.

And I just have to show it to my eyes!

Now I see it;

I'm not ashamed of the ignorance I had,

I'm rather proud of how I dealt with my past.

And I am absolutely sure now

That I would do

Everything I've ever wanted.

I am me, and I've got everything in me

So does everybody.

Thats how the system is,

Thats how the system works.

And we're the system;

I am the system.

And this is how I'm goin to be..

And I'm happy about it :)