03 June 2009

I'm just nobody...

Since the day....

Nothing has changed !

Since the day you broke up,

Nothing has changed.

I talk, I walk

I eat, I work

Its all the same

Nothing has changed.

Since the day you took your love back,

Nothing has changed.

I see you in my dreams,

I wonder what you're doing,

Its all the same,


Nothing has changed.

I just lost my identity,

Since the day I lost you

I'm just nobody.


Nothing has changed.

I was searching for me in you then,


I'm searching for me myself everywhere .

I still hope


I'll get what I'm searching,

as you always wanted me to.

I just hope

I'll find myself at last,

at least in the grave.


Nothing has changed

since the day everything turned upside down....


Nothing has changed .

Its all like that day

I knew

life will never be the same...


I thought


Something might happen

to pull me back to the ground.


Nothing happened

I still hope

Something would change,



I'll wait for it to happen

as you always wanted me to...

I'll wait ....

Until I get you back..

I'll wait for it.

Counting all the seconds of the nights....

Watching all the doors of my life....

Keeping all of these on my mind...

I'll wait for it

Until then

Nothing will change.


kartik said...

Na tell me the truth? Have you written this on your own.... Absolutely its something which is really making me feel.... Hats off my dear friend!!!

Arshat said...

You know very well na.. I dont copy things.. This blog is a part of my life na..