30 May 2013

More to it

Tiny droplets fall down.
Billions of them hit down every second!

What if they're all the souls that lived on Earth?
Coming down to visit their old homes...
Cursing us for the destruction we've caused
Wishing we're washed off of the face of this planet
Trying to drown us to cleanse the land they belonged to...

Billions of them fall down in the name of rain.
Rain, the grand melt-down. Is it just condensed vapor?

Or could there more to it?

28 May 2013

That Makes You Human!

It's there. It's been there.
It's in us, deep within us.

It's in you. Inside of you...
Sometimes you nurture it.
And when you nurture it, you nurture it in your heart.

And no it isn't love.
Love's good, love's pure.
but then love's also got motive...
This doesn't. Its roots go longer than your veins!

I swear it isn't love.
Love's no fun when there's no getting back.
This is. It's more fun when you give it than get it...
Love's more fun when you were in love, in the past.
But so was kindergarten. Too much effort, but you forgot it!

This was fun then.
Do it now and it's fun now.
Trust me you have it inside you.
You did what you did then with heart,
You did good. It's good that you did good.
You did not have to do that. Yet you did, and did not speak of it.

You believe God knows it?
Well so he does everything else.
Your sins, he knows; you speak of it.
Trust me, I should know. I speak of mine.
You know it feels good when you do good!
You know why you do good when you aren't asked to?
Because you're hardwired to do good. You're designed with it.

Sometimes you raise it.
You raise it good, you spread it good.
And you end up great, making a difference.
But you're no different. There were others before,
and there'll be more after. But it's good there'll be more.
It is ok if that difference is short-lived. No, you are not a fool!
Fool is he, who looks to his shoulders and sees no brother, no peer.
He is that man who has no sister to wish him peace. You're not him.

You, you have compassion. Compassion makes you great, it takes you high. It makes you human!

21 May 2013

Genetically Lunatic!

Great men who dreamed of big things,
their creed in guiding humanity,
their vision in driving future generations towards continued existence in harmony,
and their flawed foresight that failed to see that such dreams were not meant to come true...

Those men and women, I worry, are crying in their graves due to our state of play.

Those great minds did not see
that efforts were already being thwarted right then by puny narcissists.

They failed to think, to see that difference as we'd see
would be a lot different from what they had in mind!
I feel sorry for them.

They did not realize that kindness, compassion and humility that ran through their veins,
might not run through their bloodlines.

If only they knew that their genes of goodness were the odd ones out
and that they didn't stand a chance against the widespread epidemic of lunacy...

They could not have guessed that they planned whatever they planned
only to fade away in papers.

They definitely did not see that the rest of the world is genetically lunatic
and there is absolutely no redemption...

08 May 2013

How Wisdom is Won...

Is it time? Is this where it ends?
I don't reckon. No I don't!

Looking back into the past, up until the very last second,
the things that I looked past come mocking me...

But faith doesn't fade.
My blood isn't dry yet!

I have a lot of goodness in me.
True, I haven't been putting them to good use,

They've been ignored.
But they're still in me!

Now that I've fought most things that I had to fight.
Those things that are made of me!

I do realize I am the sin factory.
I'd rather say I was. I redeem... on my own!

The anxiety, the guilt and the grief of bad times.
The confidence, pride and peace of good times.

They're all done and gone.
But am I done yet!?

Grinning at the grim reaper,
I figured out now. It is not.

True, a lot of innocence is gone now.
But at the expense of it -

Wisdom, is won.

And with this reclaimed wisdom,
I decide to say pass to death for now...

I'm living on :)