25 July 2011

You won't like it when you get it...

Over and over and over again...
this keeps happening.
Taking me granted I'm cool with that.
Messing up with my dignity thing?
you're done.
You don't know me people.
I'm of a different class.
I'm not cheap,
I'm dirty.
And disgusting.
This my friends are wrong.
Wrong for three things.
First it makes me think,
then it get me angry,
and then I don't really like getting angry.
Getting back at you now isn't hard.
But that's not me.
But I'm not gonna miss some sweet servings of revenge either.
Revenge, buddies, is best served cold.
and time, dears, is a friend of mine.
It bides its time to use the full of me.
And it has never seen failure in me.
Watch your back better right from now.
Time will use the sly me on you.
You won't like it when it does.

02 July 2011

Hate me more...

Hey Mr. Fate!
why do you hate me so much?
Everytime I get close to something;
you throw me away from it.
You throw me so far away
I couldn't even find my way back to it.

Everytime I need someone so badly
You get them away, so far away
They wash those memories of me off clean!
Why do you hold this grudge on me?
Just because I never blame it on you
You think I don't remember you?

Everytime I'm so confused,
when I need that someone
to listen to me,
You make them so busy;
getting a glance from them
goes like blizzard in the desert!

Everytime you show me a destination
with more than one road to take.
I always choose the one less traveled.
And it's getting harder and harder.
This time, I'm really not sure
if I even want to get to that place!

Whenever someone wonders
why does this fate thing hate them so much!

I always say that
this fate is a friend of none.
Giving you a taste of your own medicine.
I'll make people hate you and I hate you too.

And here it is this time.
You're not fooling me around.
This time I decide my destiny.
I know where I want to go
and I'm taking the route I feel like taking.
Yes I said it, in your face.

So hate me, hate me more.
I don't really care anymore.