13 October 2009

I wish....

Another part unfold...

One moment I see the light,
Its the end of the tunnel.
The next I see, its gone..

I keep asking these questions to me,
which even to me seems so senseless.
I guess the day I get answers; The day I would pass away

This side of me; the pessimistic side of me,
pops up when untold things unfold.
Pushes me down into that bottomless abyss again.

When things happen to me, I'm not shaken.
When something reaches the people around me,
Life gets sick when I do nothing about it.

Fighting and surviving, all sounds good,
Until you have to fight for someone to survive.
Its not hard, its painful.

Every move I make is so heavy,
I can't give up; its not my fight.
And I don't know how to deal this.

When others' fate play with you, Life stinks.
And thats when
I wish I were never born

I don't like to be here as me.
So weak and So naive.
I wish I were mad.

If this is how things are goin to be,
I don't expect to see the future.
I wish I didn't exist.

Let the future expect me,
to play with my nerves.
I wish I won't feel it.

But the present I'm in,
pulls me in so hard.
I wish I'm more strong.

I wish things won't go wrong.
I wish I deal these carefully.
I wish I become the old me again.

I wish I work and not just wish...