27 May 2009

And when you're fallin...


 At times
For no reason
When you feel so down
When you feel so lonely
When you feel so out of place

When you feel so depressed
When you're falling down into that bottomless abyss
Everything you see will be blurred
You'd feel
Like watching the world from the other side of the mirror

When you're falling into that deep abyss
Don't think that you've nothing to hold on to

When you're falling
Just Look around
You may never know what's around you
Until you look around
There is nothing
Without a solution
Search, wait for it
Don't panic if you see nothing

After all its bottom less
You're not going to hit the ground
Search, until you see it
Hold on tight, as soon as you see it
You may never know when you's see another one.
You'll find your way back up
When you do

You'll know what I mean

... :)

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