29 April 2012

I Should Go..

Been a while now...
since I'd looked up at the sky
Wondering what's beyond

It's been a while
since I'd stopped on a roadside
and thought how majestic that tree was

Those hills that I grew up in,
those cliffs that taught me life,
those friends who loved exploring...

It's all there waiting.
Like they need to raise me more.
Now that I think of it.

I really think I should go.
Nature's been the best best all along,
the lonely walks, the spilled bloods,
the wet old woods, the spikey pines
and even those little mushrooms
are calling for me.

I should go and to thank them all
I should go and tell them I love them
I should go, or they'll come

They sculpted me
I belong to them.
This little happiness, these lame words I write
it all belongs to them...
I should go and tell them I will be back home soon'
I should go, or they'll never forgive me.

Here's to the mountains and streams,
to the berries and the flies,
the trees and the rains.
Here's to tell them how much I appreciate,
and how grateful I am.

I am coming home brother nature..
I'm coming bro... to reclaim my life.