06 June 2012

Randomly Freaking!

I, am a believer
I, know science
Science much much more than my atheist brothers
But, I am a believer
I see things, things that everyone sees
I have seen things, things you wouldn't want to see in all hells
I have seen nature.
Nature like you have never imagined.

I have lived with her.
I have lived with her like you had never thought possible.
I have seen streams flowing,
flowing and trying to take me away with them.

I have seen mountains.
Mountains big and with sheerest of cliffs.

I have seen woods.
Woods at ages when you had the least idea what they are

I loved them, and I still do.
They loved me more and they still do.

And so they tried to take me with them.
they still try to take me away.

But I still breath. Breath their air.
Taunting them with my faith,

I still breath and - I
as hard as it may seem, am still alive;
full and whole and full of pride.

I, the son. The legitimate one,
still live to tell the tales.

And so they love me more,
but I still live on and,

I know the tales.
I sin, I change.
I keep sinning and I keep changing,

But then nature is worried.
She's got powers endowed upon.
But she can't use them on me.
She, is scared;

not that she would lose me.
She knows she's a part of me.
She's scared she would lose.

She has no experience losing.
I do, and I cope.
I do and I avoid.
She's not,
and so she's worried.

And I am now, set on a mission.
A mission to outlive her.
And I will. I can't leave her alone.
I want her gone before I'm gone

And I'm going nowhere.

I am good