05 April 2013


Fists clenched and teeth gritting,
I struggled not to scream...
Pulling up my scathed leg,
sweating hurt too.
Flesh torn and blood squirting,
I hoped to go out cold...
Dragged myself to the side of the road,
breathing hurt too.
Eyes closed shut and body trembling,
I prayed to get it over...
Standing up and fighting pain,
I yearned for the end.
I kept thinking every second that,
that'd be the last.
So long ago, but I remember
the agony as it was...
But every time I think of it,
I'm grateful for the while it lasted.
The pain that day turned me strong,
I think of it, and I think of this:
I survive because I struggle.

01 April 2013


Ah the smell of rain...
It makes me feel like I hadn't taken a breath  in years!
Tears of clouds, and the moaning winds!
What can I say to describe?
It brings back old memories...
Days that shone; like time's echoing back to me!
Rain's rebirth.
I am cleansed now.
Pure is my mind and body - now
I'm refreshed and ready:
for another stint at living a sin of a life in this world...