30 December 2013

Never to Love

Never to love - that's the dream.
every time you fall in and out
every time you're broken
sometimes you mend yourself
sometimes time does it for you
you get back up, you get out there and find a new one
you find a new way to get yourself beaten up again

But there comes a point when you will be shattered for real
you will lose all love that you had for life
there is knife inside you and it's waiting
it's waiting for that time to start piercing out from within
slowly carving tiny words to scar for life
slowly stabbing like it's just its routine
pray you don't find yourself there
it's agonizing

If you can decide now, if you have the heart, the will...
decide now; decide that you will never love
and that heart of yours? let it not go through that pain
pray now, think now and decide now
because when you find yourself there
you would dream to have never loved

Never to love - that is the dream
dream it now, maybe it will come true for you

27 December 2013

The Writer Me

I like this

I like that, I like stuff that make you laugh.

I like fights, I like to ride!

But I all I do of those things is write.

I am this I could be that...

People tell me this all the time.

I could do that, no big deal is that,

I would do it, sure it's just that!

Chose and heard, heard and chose,

I do stuff that's good, and I do stuff good.

But all that I do, I end up getting here...!

I write stuff, that's who I am!

I write stuff, stuff that's shit.

I write it, even the ones lame.

I write things, they don't look pretty!

I write them, they don't follow no grammar!

I write all that, it's what I do...

It's what I've been doing ever since I started writing!

I am this and I am that!

But all that I am, I only express with this!

These words are what I am... was, am and will be no doubt!

I breathe them in and breathe them out!

I am that crappy writer you hate.

Crappy writer; I am that.

But I am one, a writer that is,that's what I am!

22 December 2013


(To that kid who went to school with me...)

You are genius.
I know it isn't easy being that!
But you are what you are.

True, genius is frowned upon,
it's laughed at, and it is mocked a bit too.
Genius is not appreciated always.
It is not really received well.
It is blamed, beaten up sometimes!
But it is what it is, and you -
you are what you are.

But you have to see something:
Genius walks along with genius in the end.

True, despite the knowledge and intelligence,
and the brilliance that come to be out of them,
it is hard not to feel like the odd one out - always!

But you have to know something:
The odd ones are special; there are very few of you!

If I could go back in time, I would make you realize it.
Irony of life isn't it? Me showing You things!
But even the best of minds could do with help.
Help from the least expected source.

I would ask you to look at me
and look through me and think of this:
Would you be rather me, wanting to be you?
would you be yourself, just the way you are?

True, it only gets harder as time goes by.
But even today, come to think of it -
who would you rather be?
I know the answer - no doubt you do too!

Take heed brother, I talk to you because
It takes more than just a simple mind to make sense of my words.
You are better off being you.
The world is too because of you.

But it is not forever.
The aim is to have a world with no geniuses.
For when genius is everywhere, genius is nowhere!
That is the world you strive to build.

Know this, you are sculpting future for better.
The future, where none looks at things,
and not think through things...
where you are smiled at not mocked!

That's the dream and you will help it come true.
You have to, you are partly to be blamed!
You helped us beat evolution!
The lot of us who are not supposed to be here, are here,
because of geniuses like you.

Be patient sister, it took centuries for people
to stop wanting to kill geniuses!
They've made good progress.
They try understanding genius now.
Soon they'll truly appreciate and they will all want to be you.

Until then, be what you are... we need you.

04 December 2013

A Little More Time...

I'm dying and I know it...
I'm not afraid of death,
but I don't want it!
I want to live... but I know I can't..
I just want to make sure that
that those I love won't suffer when I'm gone...

I will be gone and I know it.. 
I don't want to leave but
what choice do I have!?
I really would like to grow old, go senile and to wish I was dead already but
I don't really have much choice.
Half blind, weak, bleak and rotting,
I don't deserve this place anymore.
I only need to make sure that
that the ones I love will have it all..
that they won't worry when I'm gone
that they won't need me and so
so they won't miss me.

My pride's no more, my health's no more.
Time failed! I'm only glad that alcohol hasn't yet!
When I'm gone, and when I meet that Creator,
I'll only want to remember one thing to ask...
I'll ask the Creator that
that I know you're not bound by emotions and feelings!
that you're the one who created those but,
why did you want me to go through all that I had to go through!?

Creator! why this!? I'm asking on behalf of every sentient soul who ever lived - 
why us?
To me, you don't have the need to feel!
To me, you created it all!
To me, it seems like you're giving devil the upper hand - it is not fair!!

Why this? Why us? Why now?
Too bad you're the Creator or
or I would've asked you to be in my place for a minute!
Too bad I'm too insignificant to ask it all!
Too bad I can think these stuff the way I think!!

I'm OK with all of that my God.
I just cannot die yet.
I, I need a little more time...
Just a little more time to fix things! Please?
Rot me in hell for all that you had intended me to do, I don't mind
I don't mind and I know I don't have a say...

Just let me live for some more time and
Let me not go blind till the time I die...

A little more time is all I ask.
Know you had it all written.
But could you please change it this one time...
..and give me a little more time?

I'd praise you till the end of all hell while I burn and rot there... 
For just a little more time...

I swear upon you I will.