22 August 2013

At Peace... :)

At peace, I said that day, I want to be at peace...
It was almost midnight,
we were almost having our time together.
Almost... except,
I was working and you were watching,
and waiting...

I saw you watching me
and I said, just five more minutes :)
I was almost done. I sighed and I said
I want to be at peace! Only for a minute...

I remember that look.
That kind look and that pure smile!
With that smile you said,
sleep, you'll finish the work and we'll have our 'our time' when I wake you up.

Sleep, I did, at your place, on your couch.
It was morning and it was your old alarm clock that shook me up.
I looked to my side and saw you sleeping!
You were up the next second.
You were up and you smiled.
The sleepy face, messed up hair and that look again...
It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!

You din't wake me up - I said.
You wanted to be at peace, you said.
And you slept with me? I asked.
And you said -
I wanted to be at peace too...

It was that that made you special.
Well, among many other things... :)
But it was that that's most special
and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard!

I miss those days.
And with every passing day, I miss you more.

These days I wonder,
how am I ever going to find someone like you!
Find, and replace...
It's what I do these days.
Wonder and wander through the past.

And when I want to be at peace
I walk alone and I think of you.

And I have been walking alone a lot...