31 March 2009

Life isn't like that

All those days, 
I still remember,
the road isn't so fine.
Rash riding on it,
caring about nothing.
But it wasn't all that pleasant, 
hurdles as many as uncountable,
problems as many as unimaginable.
Those empty days,
with nothing on the mind.
Just passing the time.
as if waiting to pass away.
But however it was,
never complaining.
Had nobody to blame,
admit it yeah.
I always did and I still do,
the way I rode, 
wasn't appreciable. 
Never listening never thinking,
It was so moronic.
I knew then,
I know it now.
But nothing  changed in here.
I thought after some point of time,
life would never be the same.
As if expecting for some unexpected to happen,
but it never happened,
life is always the same.
It always was and it always will be.
Ever since the evolution
we did mistakes.
We learned to think,
but we failed to think when needed.
We learned to love,
but failed to do when needed.
We search beyond our power
just to know whether there is really a power.
The truth of life 
just think,
when we were born, 
we only knew two things 
we knew how to cry,
we knew how to breath.
And when we're gone
we lose them as well.
Whatever happens
the only thing we'd remember till the end
will be the end.
We'd never stop thinking
until we stop breathing and crying.
So it goes,
So it will,
on and on...
as always,
life will never change
trust me
not now
and it never will....

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