02 February 2011

The last day

My mind's empty, there's no memories and there's no pain to feel
I'm a big boy, I'll get over it
I've been there before...

I had known that this would happen all along
but I never figured out how much would it hurt.
Its time now, lets say it
how hard it can be to say goodbye goodbye

If today's the last day, that you'd ever wanna see my face
Leave me with a smile in your face
Coz I don't remember yesterday
and there's no history to brag about

If today's the last day that I'd ever see your face
close your eyes and walk away
Coz I don't want you see me broken
I'm much stronger than you think

If what we have's the last day
I dread seeing tomorrow
Not that I can't move along
But I hate doing it this time...

It's about time; lets just say it
Your eyes, your smile the way you make things happen
would be my first memory of tomorrow

So turn around and just say it
Coz I don't want tears in my mind
It's just goodbye... goodbye..