24 February 2012

Broken Words.

What do broken bricks remind you?
What do broken houses remind you of?
Do you see history? Do you see dreams?
The past no one knows?
Do you see broken dreams? Broken homes?

Often I hear those half-life’s longing
desperate cries to look at them,
to rebuild them
or to destroy them to the ground
full and whole.

Ever thought that somebody
had sweat dropped,
had bloodstained their life to raise that wall?
Ever thought that somebody had
had a life, had
made a life under that roof?

I see stories in them at times
stories never told, never written
beautiful stories of mystical, mysterious past
stories that are never the same
ever-changing, everlasting stories

Do you wonder why nature lets them stand on?
ever thought that perhaps Mother Nature writes on them?
Like poems on scrap paper, like a sign
hardly noticed, but full of words.

I finally see what is meant to be seen.
I see thwarted efforts.
Remains of achievements.
Evolution of history.

I see broken words.

13 February 2012

An Offer I Could Never Deny!

Give me a price I could never deny

One day with no worries,
One day without memories,
One day with no sleepless night,
One day without day dreams

Just one day with no one around,
Only one day with a little peace,
One day with my mind at ease,
Just one day with no lying around..

Give me one day to enjoy my breath,
A single day to smile at the sun,
One day to play with the wind,
A day to feel my heartbeat.

That day to see clear things,
Day to forget my days,
This day with no broken smiles,
A day to cry with no dry eyes!

Give me that day I'll trade my life.
For that day I'll kill all life.
For the day of broken music,
Today I would do all sins.

This wish is so toxic,
but I would take it.
Just show me the way
I'll let all hell break loose.

That day is the price
I'll sellout, just show me where to sign.
Just one day, for one day,
I'm ready to lose it all

A day without debts, without questions,
without phony smiles, fears & sadness,
With no anger and hunger, with no thought of another day...
I would lose it all for that day.

12 February 2012


I'm an Ant gone astray.
Taken by a droplet,
I managed to survive.
Ashore now, I'm none here.
I lurk around with no identity.
The water dropped no pheromone,
and I'm a goner where I belonged.

No colony to work for.
No queen to serve.
Brain's got no hint, and
My feet's got nowhere to go.
Raised too proud, I deny killing myself.
Waiting for an unknown predator,
I wait for the end.

09 February 2012

Over now

Stupid thoughts and stupid words
I'm done living that same old life
drunken nights & broken bones
I'm done leaving blood stains.. on my clothes

I'm starting now and alone
I don't want to be in your stupid cloud
Should being a man takes it to be social
I'd rather be known as an animal
yes I am him, the anti-social

I'm done lying around
I'm done dying to live
I'm done being in line
No more living for you

Search for life is so unreal
the minds are all so tainted
no point living a vegan - eating crap

Screw all, screw the world
people are so damn boring.
I can't stand them anymore.

news reports and protests
dumb slogans and politics
it's all full of dirty lies
I'm done pretending 
that I care

Looking back I regret
having lived a shady life
with morale and rules
it was all so wasted
I'm changing now.

There's a road up ahead
and there's one I came from
I'm leaving them both
I'm making my own path now.
Don't care where I want it to lead
Don't want to turn back now
I'm moving on. 

The old world that I leave behind
doesn't even deserve a goodbye. 
I m just moving on.