09 February 2012

Over now

Stupid thoughts and stupid words
I'm done living that same old life
drunken nights & broken bones
I'm done leaving blood stains.. on my clothes

I'm starting now and alone
I don't want to be in your stupid cloud
Should being a man takes it to be social
I'd rather be known as an animal
yes I am him, the anti-social

I'm done lying around
I'm done dying to live
I'm done being in line
No more living for you

Search for life is so unreal
the minds are all so tainted
no point living a vegan - eating crap

Screw all, screw the world
people are so damn boring.
I can't stand them anymore.

news reports and protests
dumb slogans and politics
it's all full of dirty lies
I'm done pretending 
that I care

Looking back I regret
having lived a shady life
with morale and rules
it was all so wasted
I'm changing now.

There's a road up ahead
and there's one I came from
I'm leaving them both
I'm making my own path now.
Don't care where I want it to lead
Don't want to turn back now
I'm moving on. 

The old world that I leave behind
doesn't even deserve a goodbye. 
I m just moving on.