25 January 2009

you hear them??

Though its not the right way to start up, I couldn't help it... This might seem like the weirdest thing you've ever seen or heard.

Maybe you've imagined it the way I did... its not going to make any big difference.
But whatever the words are; they sound the real you. You might be a completely introverted person or someone who never gives a crap about things happening around you.
But trust me the words that you're using is the only thing which is going to reveal the real you even to yourself. You don't have to speak up. Try to listen inside while you're reading this maybe while just looking at this. Can you hear them words like "Another crap" or "what the hell in this world does this suppose to mean?" or "c'mon this doesn't even make any sense" depends upon the real you.

Now you see what I mean? we won't be able to think if we don't use words to do so. At this point you might wonder how did those people in the ancient days used to think to invent words! but let that be their problem I'm not that smart to dig that deeply. See this could be real me or I'm just pretending like thats the way I am. You don't care about it anyway right!?

Alright here we go.. words are almost everything that drives everything. You speak or you yell, you sing, you write or you read, or just take a look at it my friend its words correct? Its words in life.

So lets listen to words as we always use to... okay ??

(P.S : This is a real post script as I just edited and added this after a long time after the first post :) . You know if you read, what you're about to read is not intended to be written as poems. So when you find none of those resemble poems or lyrics even so slightly, plz ignore it. Don't spend your precious time on criticizing. I'm not a poet, I'm not a writer. BUT everything written in there are based on the events happened in my life..

Whats in there is a part of me. A part I haven't showed to anybody. The part which still is not revealed completely... Whats in there are just mad words. No grammar, No order. But they sure aren't meaningless... )

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