04 December 2011

Being with you forever

I know,
it's not long before I lose you forever.
This pessimist keeps thinking
how graceful would it be,
to have to mine,

I know,
it's not long before
I sit alone and cry.
regretting all that I had done.
Seeing you belong to someone else
and dying to dye than taking all the pain.

I know
it was me who made this happen to begin with.
Making you dream of a life of your dreams
with me, and only bliss in it.
Dreaming about us,
just you and I.

I know
I kept lying
all along, keeping your hopes high.
I should have let you go before it was late;
I didn't, for I was greedy to let those moments go.
Although, all along I knew it's not long before it all ended.

I know
someday, I would have to go away, 
with nothing but  memories to hold on  to. 
But it gets harder as time closes by.
I wish my mind goes blind and 
you, remember nothing.

I'm sorry.
I didn't know I would go so early,
I didn't know I would become a scar than a life,
I didn't know fate had something this cruel for you and I.
I should have known you wouldn't want to belong to someone else.
I'm sorry, I would have to go alone leaving you on your own.

Being with you forever is all I've ever wanted.
It's too bad, I couldn't let you know
how hard it's going to be to let go
and that, I'll never be able to
dispense you out of this life
and never replace you...