12 June 2009

Have you ever been there...?

No one but only you...

With all your pain gone...

And no one near..

Standing all alone...

With nothing to think of.

With nothing to worry about.

When you stand in that place

That place you would never reveal...

That place you would never take anybody to.

No matter how close they are.

That place where you live with your dreams;

With peace,

With your soul.

That place which calms you down without any effort.

Which makes you feel that happiness for no reason.

That place when you fantasize;

Which you never want to leave.

That same place ,

Which doesn't exist physically...

That very place,

Which makes you blab like this.

Have you been to that place?

That heaven of a haven

Have you been there?

03 June 2009

I'm just nobody...

Since the day....

Nothing has changed !

Since the day you broke up,

Nothing has changed.

I talk, I walk

I eat, I work

Its all the same

Nothing has changed.

Since the day you took your love back,

Nothing has changed.

I see you in my dreams,

I wonder what you're doing,

Its all the same,


Nothing has changed.

I just lost my identity,

Since the day I lost you

I'm just nobody.


Nothing has changed.

I was searching for me in you then,


I'm searching for me myself everywhere .

I still hope


I'll get what I'm searching,

as you always wanted me to.

I just hope

I'll find myself at last,

at least in the grave.


Nothing has changed

since the day everything turned upside down....


Nothing has changed .

Its all like that day

I knew

life will never be the same...


I thought


Something might happen

to pull me back to the ground.


Nothing happened

I still hope

Something would change,



I'll wait for it to happen

as you always wanted me to...

I'll wait ....

Until I get you back..

I'll wait for it.

Counting all the seconds of the nights....

Watching all the doors of my life....

Keeping all of these on my mind...

I'll wait for it

Until then

Nothing will change.

01 June 2009


its just painful to say...

I knew


I'm not the right one for you.

I knew


I don't deserve you.


I also knew


I would do whatever you want me to,


I would never question you,


I would change anything you want me to.

but now

You want to breakup .

You want me to walk away and never come back.

You want me to never see you again.

I know this moment


I would not ask you for a reason.

I know this moment,

I would do as you told me to.

Like all the time,

I would not blame you for anything.


I also know,

I would spend the rest of my life thinking...

Thinking what went wrong,

Thinking what did I do,

Thinking what could I have done,

Thinking why did not I ask you why?.

Regretting the respect I had on you.

Until the last moment of my last day.


I also know


no matter what happens,

I would never hate you,

I will Love you forever,

I will never say these straight to your face.


I will never come back.

what will become history in your life

will be the mystery of my life


I will work on to find the answer forever

even though

I know


I would never get one.


for now

hope you understand

hope you understand.

When I say Goodbye

I mean all of these.

you want me to say Goodbye to you

I will.


I hope you understand


that's the last thing I would want to do.


I mean so much when I say that.


its the worst ever torture I could ever endure.


I will regret it even when in my grave.

Hope you understand

just hope...