04 September 2012

I'm Here and I Will Be There

Oh it took a while to come back.
To get to where it all started.
To look further like I used to.
It took more than a while, it did.

Hiding from myself,
and trying to ignore existence!
Trying hard not to notice that
I had been slipping away.

It took a little longer to realize these.
Anticipation, anxiety and choosing despair.
I should have seen myself doing it.
I reckon I had, and I know I pretended that I hadn't.

But I can't fool myself.
I'm way too smart for myself.
With myself, I have always been egoistic.
I am the only thing I fail to be in harmony with,

Now it is all done and gone.
It took longer than usual to realize that
what I have is what I chose.
And what I choose makes me who I am.

Maybe that is how God imagined it all.
Maybe that is why he doesn't let us imagine.
Maybe memories make our being.
Memories that run through veins.

Now I choose to make things happen,
like I usually do.
Now I choose to be there,
and see the end.

This, I know is not a late comeback.
I know there is an end to time.
An end to our lands.
And end to our existence.

But I choose to be there when it comes.
I choose to hear it when the whistle is blown.
I choose to listen when time says
you're time is up.

I believe death is definite.
But I choose to live all through time.
And see death coming, when I really want it to.
It could take a hundred years, or a thousand.

But I will be there.
One way or another,
God willing, I will be there.
I just chose to.