30 December 2013

Never to Love

Never to love - that's the dream.
every time you fall in and out
every time you're broken
sometimes you mend yourself
sometimes time does it for you
you get back up, you get out there and find a new one
you find a new way to get yourself beaten up again

But there comes a point when you will be shattered for real
you will lose all love that you had for life
there is knife inside you and it's waiting
it's waiting for that time to start piercing out from within
slowly carving tiny words to scar for life
slowly stabbing like it's just its routine
pray you don't find yourself there
it's agonizing

If you can decide now, if you have the heart, the will...
decide now; decide that you will never love
and that heart of yours? let it not go through that pain
pray now, think now and decide now
because when you find yourself there
you would dream to have never loved

Never to love - that is the dream
dream it now, maybe it will come true for you

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