04 December 2013

A Little More Time...

I'm dying and I know it...
I'm not afraid of death,
but I don't want it!
I want to live... but I know I can't..
I just want to make sure that
that those I love won't suffer when I'm gone...

I will be gone and I know it.. 
I don't want to leave but
what choice do I have!?
I really would like to grow old, go senile and to wish I was dead already but
I don't really have much choice.
Half blind, weak, bleak and rotting,
I don't deserve this place anymore.
I only need to make sure that
that the ones I love will have it all..
that they won't worry when I'm gone
that they won't need me and so
so they won't miss me.

My pride's no more, my health's no more.
Time failed! I'm only glad that alcohol hasn't yet!
When I'm gone, and when I meet that Creator,
I'll only want to remember one thing to ask...
I'll ask the Creator that
that I know you're not bound by emotions and feelings!
that you're the one who created those but,
why did you want me to go through all that I had to go through!?

Creator! why this!? I'm asking on behalf of every sentient soul who ever lived - 
why us?
To me, you don't have the need to feel!
To me, you created it all!
To me, it seems like you're giving devil the upper hand - it is not fair!!

Why this? Why us? Why now?
Too bad you're the Creator or
or I would've asked you to be in my place for a minute!
Too bad I'm too insignificant to ask it all!
Too bad I can think these stuff the way I think!!

I'm OK with all of that my God.
I just cannot die yet.
I, I need a little more time...
Just a little more time to fix things! Please?
Rot me in hell for all that you had intended me to do, I don't mind
I don't mind and I know I don't have a say...

Just let me live for some more time and
Let me not go blind till the time I die...

A little more time is all I ask.
Know you had it all written.
But could you please change it this one time...
..and give me a little more time?

I'd praise you till the end of all hell while I burn and rot there... 
For just a little more time...

I swear upon you I will.

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