27 December 2013

The Writer Me

I like this

I like that, I like stuff that make you laugh.

I like fights, I like to ride!

But I all I do of those things is write.

I am this I could be that...

People tell me this all the time.

I could do that, no big deal is that,

I would do it, sure it's just that!

Chose and heard, heard and chose,

I do stuff that's good, and I do stuff good.

But all that I do, I end up getting here...!

I write stuff, that's who I am!

I write stuff, stuff that's shit.

I write it, even the ones lame.

I write things, they don't look pretty!

I write them, they don't follow no grammar!

I write all that, it's what I do...

It's what I've been doing ever since I started writing!

I am this and I am that!

But all that I am, I only express with this!

These words are what I am... was, am and will be no doubt!

I breathe them in and breathe them out!

I am that crappy writer you hate.

Crappy writer; I am that.

But I am one, a writer that is,that's what I am!

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