02 June 2011

Who isn't?

Over and over again.
They keep saying.

Every stranger I meet,
thinks that I'm strange.

Every friend I have
thinks that I've changed.

Everything I do
pulls a lot of comments.
Everytime they see me
they only try to improve me.

It's like they despise
the way I live.

Like they're obsessed
with making me human.

Like they think that
strangeness is only in me

But strange or not
I'm cool with all of that.

But everytime they tell
that I'm crazy.

Everytime I say yes.
I ask myself.

You say I'm crazy?
Yes I am.

I'm crazy like I'm strange.
Just like you.

I'm crazy and I'm fun.
Are you not?

Damn no doubt I'm crazy!
But who isn't!?

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