22 June 2011

Yup :(

Oh yea...

Been there before...
Being nice and being there,
For a friend or as a friend.
Staying there just being sweet.

Done that before.
Everytime I let them down,
or  so they say so.
It feels so weirdly  weird.

Why is it it's always me;
that even I myself blame on?
The nice guy face
is the most painful to keep on of all.

And it's even more painful
when I try ripping it off.
It's just me, I guess.
Or is it the world which's got issues?

Everytime I go down this  bottomless abyss,
I blabber stuff like this.
And everytime I meet someone new.
It happens all over again.

And everytime I think that
this role is too hard to play;
I also convince myself that
it's too beautiful to say no.

Yup, I'm mental.
And I go madder when go through this.
And by God I swear,
this has always been the hardest to endure.

And  yet I got myself into this hole,
one more time.
And I wish, just like the last time.
This would be last of it.

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