23 May 2011

Think again!

How selfless can one be?
How can one say that they know someone for real?

Assumptions and presumptions,
will make one nothing but judgmental.

Why doesn't anyone see that
all that glitters aren't gold?

We humans are the blindest of all.
We tend to look but not see. We do it often.

Imagination is the deadliest of enemies.
It makes one believe in things.

So conclusive and so decisive we are.
We confuse thinking with imagination.

Imagination, obviously isn't real.
Matters of perception are often proved incorrect.

Here for instance, I have lives more than just one.
And all of them are real.

Instance here, you think you know me?
well think again.  

what you see aren't almost illusions.
Stop imagining and start to think; there could be more.

You needn't find it all.
only try thinking that there could be more.

An it's not always mandatory
to know it all.

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