15 June 2011

Figure me out

I'm the class clown and I'm the joker.
Fun, it's always around me.
You provoke me to tickle your funny bone.
It's always been about me.

But have you ever thought
why this guy reacts
the way I expected him to?
You think you really manipulate me?

We're all smart, we've to admit it.
You have your reasons and I have mine.
Neither of us would actually
blurt the intentions.

But I can give you clues.
Guess me if you're smart as you think.
Little obvious clues
you've missed noticing until now.

Call all my friends; they're everywhere.
Hear them say I'm one of their best friends.
I really am and they really are my best friends.
All of them.

Different lives in different places.
You think you've seen the whole of me?
Close to me? You should've noticed by now.
The many faces aren't masks.

How long have you known me?
Long enough to judge me?
Well then you would know,
I never underestimate people and you'd know why.

Lives my friend are many.
For me and for you too.
I don't know all of yours.
But you think you know all that I live?

You instigate and I behave they way you want.
Trust me, I know me better than you do.
And I know how to make me look
the way I look.

Laugh at me and I would come up with an anger.
Laugh at me and I would steer into the skid.
Laugh at me and I would just ignore you.
I've got choices and I choose what needs to be chosen.

You sir, think you always outsmart me?
Well yes you do.
Or do you? really?
Couldn't they all just be to deceive?

The worlds have always got more to explore.
There could me more of me than you actually know.
Try, if you really think you need to.
I'm honest, It's not really hard.

Figure me out.

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