26 May 2012

Too Bad to Ask?

I see phony faces and prejudice,
and an out of date culture.
I see envy, I see greed and I see hatred.
Am I the only one who feel the way I feel now?
With full of shame and disgust!?

There are a billion of us
and we brag trash.
Is it too much to expect some hearts?

Claiming lands - we hail humanity.
Lost in pride - have we lost all humility?

Love and peace and more of bluff;
all for children I do realize.
But how is a little faith and compassion too much to ask?

Do you see grown men dressed, and playing balls with sticks?
Don't you miss being real men?

Tampered systems and wannabe citizens;
do you see any hope for this country?

Where's all the life gone?
Where did our fathers go wrong?
Why are we still stuck with all cliché?
Why are we still herded by morons?
Most of all, why are we a failure as a nation?

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