22 May 2012

Screw You - Life

Life hates me

Life tries too hard
and it hates me.

All the tests and all the scores,
all along the path.
Path to where I am now.

Life keeps trying to weed me out,
but O No, I ain't no creeper.
I have roots;
roots older than life itself.

I know the fact of the matter:
Life's mad at me.
Because life's lost,
it tries, and it tries too hard.
Only to lose again.

All the hurdles that it put;
I broke them.
I could have just crossed over them,
but Oh No, I had to break them.

Life's got rules to follow.
And I don't,
that makes life hate me.

Life hates me,
because life's the only thing I keep blamin.
but what do I know!
Life's not that strong.

Life hates me because it feels weak,
because I feed on it.
I have been sucking its soul out.

Life, a funny little word!
I have been riding on it, and
never once would I let it ride me.
It despises me
it could never win.
There are never the arguments
It's all statements.
I state, and life listens.

Looking back at it;
all of the things it put me through!
All of the weapons:
the angers, the misery, pains and the tears -
nothing broke me.
It all touched me.
Sometimes too deep and sometimes too scarring,
but nothing could break me.

I disarm; I overcome,
and that is why
it hates me.

Life's a bitch.
It keeps trying to screw me
over and over again.
But I don't give in.

With all its baits:
the hunger, the pride, love and booze and blood, and all the dreams;
but Hell No! I don't fall
not even a sniff.

I'm strong and life's not,
it hates me for that.
Life's a coward,
it can't accept defeat.
I can, I have the heart.
I can, and I can get up again and fight.
Life can't and that's what makes it hate me.

Life's too feeble,
it's too short and it's confined.
I am all the synonyms of their antonyms.
I have limped for miles and miles;
limp, not just walk,
only to prove life wrong.
Life's wrong and that makes it hate me.

Life's needy,
it needs me for its existence.
It's evolved and it needs me/

I don't, I was created.
I was created without a life.
without a history, without a course.
I puzzle life, it's scared of my enigma.
Life doesn't like mysteries, it's stupid.
It can't like me so...
it hates me...

Life's arrogant, its a bully,
it loves playing people like balls.
Now it can't do it to me,
It doesn't have the balls to play me.

Life's tired and is too proud,
but To the Hell with its pride and,
Damn its conceit.

Life hates me because
I'm too Tough for life.


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