08 May 2013

How Wisdom is Won...

Is it time? Is this where it ends?
I don't reckon. No I don't!

Looking back into the past, up until the very last second,
the things that I looked past come mocking me...

But faith doesn't fade.
My blood isn't dry yet!

I have a lot of goodness in me.
True, I haven't been putting them to good use,

They've been ignored.
But they're still in me!

Now that I've fought most things that I had to fight.
Those things that are made of me!

I do realize I am the sin factory.
I'd rather say I was. I redeem... on my own!

The anxiety, the guilt and the grief of bad times.
The confidence, pride and peace of good times.

They're all done and gone.
But am I done yet!?

Grinning at the grim reaper,
I figured out now. It is not.

True, a lot of innocence is gone now.
But at the expense of it -

Wisdom, is won.

And with this reclaimed wisdom,
I decide to say pass to death for now...

I'm living on :)

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