21 May 2013

Genetically Lunatic!

Great men who dreamed of big things,
their creed in guiding humanity,
their vision in driving future generations towards continued existence in harmony,
and their flawed foresight that failed to see that such dreams were not meant to come true...

Those men and women, I worry, are crying in their graves due to our state of play.

Those great minds did not see
that efforts were already being thwarted right then by puny narcissists.

They failed to think, to see that difference as we'd see
would be a lot different from what they had in mind!
I feel sorry for them.

They did not realize that kindness, compassion and humility that ran through their veins,
might not run through their bloodlines.

If only they knew that their genes of goodness were the odd ones out
and that they didn't stand a chance against the widespread epidemic of lunacy...

They could not have guessed that they planned whatever they planned
only to fade away in papers.

They definitely did not see that the rest of the world is genetically lunatic
and there is absolutely no redemption...


Kanika said...

Hey! Awesome write up.

Arshat Mohammed said...

Thanks Kanika :)