09 March 2012

The Phoenix Me

I like the Phoenix,
not for the myth,
not just for the stories.
I like the Phoenix
for it is rebirth

Phoenix is hope,
it is the core of cure,
the wings of faith.
Faith, faith in future for better.
Phoenix, it's the symbol of change,
and change, is always for the best.

I like the Phoenix,
for it holds on to its past
to give birth to the future.
The past which turns history
mysteriously repeats itself,
and every while it does so in a better way.

I like the Phoenix because,
I'm like the Phoenix in many ways,
so many ways.
I'm like the Phoenix
I never let go off the past
And I give birth to myself quite often
I am the change, I am the cycle,
I am destined to be my own destiny;
much like the Phoenix.

And Phoenix, very rarely realizes this.
And when it does,  there occurs a rebirth.
This, is one other cycle in me.
Another time that I realize this.
And now, I am born again; this is rebirth.
The new me, with all the past filled in.
All the more stronger and full of changes.
Full of faith and hope.
Another time I realize that

I'm young again.
And the world is open, just like the last time.
I'm being born again, and rebelieve
I am the Phoenix.

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