31 March 2012


Held up tears and salty blood,
a thousand screams and flow-less thoughts,
tombs of dreams,
ashen smiles,
Hidden pains and heartless flesh -
all inside of me.

There's a burning guitar, some unheard strings.
Stolen words and sought out truths,
vain thefts and loyal cries -
it's all inside of me.
There's faith in there, hope in there;
bounding lines and bonding lies -
they're all in there.

Dreary stories unheard:
Mismatched life and mistaken paths,
thwarted steps and hurdled races.
Wasted signs and broken rules -
and more inside of me.

Unlinked letters and meaningless words,
unformed sentences and unearthed languages -
all buried in me

Hate in me, there's loathe in me.
Suppressed anger, distracted vision -
focusless sight's inside.
Slipped away love and a numb soul,
denied rights and snatched memories,
there's a rebel inside of me

Strange limping-strides that I take,
the strolls I go, the songs I write
they're all to hide - this search inside of me

A hundred egos none care of -
there's an angry kid, a frightened girl
a wise old man, they're all inside of me.

There's an outlaw, there are disguises
and reasons to break-free,
there's a giant hard songbird  in me

There's mindless words and a lot of sense -
there's rock inside of me.

The meaning of meaning - that is inside me.

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