24 February 2012

Broken Words.

What do broken bricks remind you?
What do broken houses remind you of?
Do you see history? Do you see dreams?
The past no one knows?
Do you see broken dreams? Broken homes?

Often I hear those half-life’s longing
desperate cries to look at them,
to rebuild them
or to destroy them to the ground
full and whole.

Ever thought that somebody
had sweat dropped,
had bloodstained their life to raise that wall?
Ever thought that somebody had
had a life, had
made a life under that roof?

I see stories in them at times
stories never told, never written
beautiful stories of mystical, mysterious past
stories that are never the same
ever-changing, everlasting stories

Do you wonder why nature lets them stand on?
ever thought that perhaps Mother Nature writes on them?
Like poems on scrap paper, like a sign
hardly noticed, but full of words.

I finally see what is meant to be seen.
I see thwarted efforts.
Remains of achievements.
Evolution of history.

I see broken words.

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