02 July 2011

Hate me more...

Hey Mr. Fate!
why do you hate me so much?
Everytime I get close to something;
you throw me away from it.
You throw me so far away
I couldn't even find my way back to it.

Everytime I need someone so badly
You get them away, so far away
They wash those memories of me off clean!
Why do you hold this grudge on me?
Just because I never blame it on you
You think I don't remember you?

Everytime I'm so confused,
when I need that someone
to listen to me,
You make them so busy;
getting a glance from them
goes like blizzard in the desert!

Everytime you show me a destination
with more than one road to take.
I always choose the one less traveled.
And it's getting harder and harder.
This time, I'm really not sure
if I even want to get to that place!

Whenever someone wonders
why does this fate thing hate them so much!

I always say that
this fate is a friend of none.
Giving you a taste of your own medicine.
I'll make people hate you and I hate you too.

And here it is this time.
You're not fooling me around.
This time I decide my destiny.
I know where I want to go
and I'm taking the route I feel like taking.
Yes I said it, in your face.

So hate me, hate me more.
I don't really care anymore.

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