24 March 2011

is there another hell?

This is not to win you back,

Or to ask for a second chance.

I know I was wrong,

I know that I broke the trust.

But this is certainly not an apology.

This is just me, talking,

like every other time; just talking.

This no plea for forgiveness

I know I don't deserve one.

and I hate myself for letting you down anyway.

I say that I'm strong,

but everytime I see you;

it kills me.

is it guilt or is it shame?

Or is it just love and respect confronting ?

it's not just hard; it's painful.

way too painful than I had imagined.

I thought I'd never understand hell.

I guess I do now.

Everytime you pass me on trying to avoid my eyes;

it crushes the heart out of my chest.

This is got to be hell.

The silence, the unspoken anger,

and the way you try to ignore me...

Makes me feel like disappearing.

The only light is that it can't go any worse.

or could it?

could there be another hell worse than this?

is there really another hell??

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