30 March 2011

The search...

Where is life...

Soulless is when one's dead;
No breathing in, No breathing out.
No regrets is of use then.
Being soulless cause no pain.

Mind, it just goes away.
Soulless body has no mind.
It might feel pain;
It cannot be hurt.

Lifeless; a never thought truth.
Breathing in and breathing out,
Its all so hurt,
With regrets all left with it.

Where would it go?,
With no life but a mind to look after.
It might feel no pain,
But it does get hurt.

Poor mortal body,
With life lost and mind heavy.
Drifts with the thoughts,
Towards a destination unknown.

Heavy mind's love to live
Adds flame to the fire.
Numb and weak are the thoughts
As it continues to search life.

Search for life,
Is what I do with time.
I don't live with this body
I exist; I search life.

Expectations; can't recall the meaning.
Have not expected in a while..
I just move, I don't wish to hope,
But I search life. Can't stop it, I just do it.

Where is my life....

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