05 November 2014

The way we are...

Feeble, weak, fragile, and stupidly condescending
failed, fake and weirdly masking a fake pride
we've turned everything that ever was meant to be
to something that even nature wouldn't have attempted to give a chance!
We are not good the way we are...

What organs do, we don't know
when they go wrong, we don't know!
consciousness, a big joke...
conscious, about what?
images processed by a thing that's not even completely evolved?

Trust me when I say, we're not good the way we are!

Seeing what's going out there
knowing what it all could be
predicting, analyzing, knowing things!
knowing thing!! - kill me now... knowing things!
knowing things, delusional we are, and worst, denial we are in!

Call me trash and stop right here, but we are not good the way we are...
can't control the way blood flows
can't stop a tissue from overgrowing
can't even know when something stops functioning - consciousness my rear!
sentience, I can't even manage to laugh at the thought of it!

But you can when I say we're not good the way we are...

Way we are, my fellow blob
that's what you are, that's what I am
blob, the way we are is the least place where any evolved creature can be in here!
sadly, that's where we are
truth is, that's where you are

Where I am or what I am?
Not where you are
and I'm certain, not even close to what you are...
I am nothing I mocked up there... I'm not
I'm not and you know the reason!
I'm not because you never even thought of any of it... let alone smirk!

I am smirking, and I hope you all vanish.

Truth is, I know you all will - the way you are, you shouldn't be here...

Trust me, you won't be.

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