28 February 2013

The Price of Stupidity

There is thing a about humans.
We humans are all spendthrifts.

Wise are the misers!

For they justify saving... but there're only a few of them.

The rest of us,

we justify spending.

We convince ourselves losing is good.

That we lose a thing to earn a thing!

At least that is how we justify.

It is an evolutionary defect.

Often it seems like we regret spending after spending.

It only seems; it's not real, not mostly.

We take pride in spending; that is what we do.

We are too proud to not spend.

But in every human's life there comes the time more than once

when they pay for being too stupid!

It is when it occurs to them that

it is not worth it.

The shame, the guilt, remorse and loathing afterwards!

Plus the price...

It is evident that the price of stupidity is the most outrageous of all.

Yet, there is no man who hasn't paid it in his lifetime.

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