04 July 2012

it is

What is it that I feel!
This ticklish pain on my chest
I'm at peace and I float
I'm calm and I feel it now
It is of a new kind of feeling
A sensation like never before
Is it love?
No, I've been in love before
this isn't love
Is it compassion?
no it can't be
I've felt that before too
Could it be a void of some kind?
that I mistakenly enjoy?
I don't reckon,
if it is a void afterall
I would have delved deeper.

It is the strangest of all
It is a new kind of joy
A joy with pain
The pain that soothes
It is but realization I dare say
It is belief I believe
It is submission, I conclude

This faith that knock time and again
keeps me running
it keeps reminding me
that there is light
there is light,
for darkness needs light for its very own existence 
there is light
because if all places are dark
then no place is dark

This light that I have inside
keeps me walking
The very light which makes me feel this
right here on the chest
it makes me write
it shows no borders
it shows no rules
it just sits there lighting itself, and me
listening to me
it listens and I know it understands
is it an angel?
well it could be
or it could just be another alter of me
but its there
it knows no grammar 
it knows no words
but it communicates
it talks with my mind
and I am but my mind
and I comprehend

It keeps me awake
blows air into me
and makes me believe in God. 

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